Editorial Guidelines
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The Journal publishes articles relevant to academics, professionals and
organizations from the business and management fields. Due to the
integrative and interdisciplinary nature of these fields, the Journal also
publishes the best papers from a number of related disciplines, including
but not limited to, economics, political science, history, information
science, systems theory, communication theory etc.

The Journal gives high priority to articles that present the results of
original research; but also invites reports on business surveys, analyses
or descriptions of new business techniques, and perspectives on
contemporary business and economic issues.

In addition, we invite manuscripts by practitioners on management
practices as well as revisions of papers originally prepared for academic
conferences. We welcome work that transcends the boundaries of
particular disciplines to address a broad audience, and strive to integrate
the various dimensions of business practices and management research.

JMS is particularly interested in manuscripts that focus on management
innovation, management of technology, economic reform in emerging
economies and business globalization.

We seek to achieve an editorial balance among philosophy, theory,
practice, technique and commentary, and provide a forum for free
discussion of management problems, solutions, applications and opinions.

The Journal neither approves nor disapproves of, nor does it guarantee
the validity or accuracy of any data, claim, opinion, or conclusion
presented in either editorial content, articles, letters to the editor or
advertisements. Neither the editor, the editorial board, nor the publisher
can accept any responsibility for opinions expressed in the Journal or in
any of its special publications.
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