Author's Guidelines
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JMS accepts only electronic submission as an e-mail attachment sent to:

By submitting a manuscript, the author certifies that it is not under simultaneous
consideration by any other publication; that neither the manuscript nor any
portion of it is copyrighted. Exceptions must be noted at the time of submission.
All submissions are subject to peer review.

Authors can normally expect a publication decision within four to twelve weeks,
and accepted articles are generally published within one to four months.  

We give high priority to articles that present the results of original research; but
also invite reports on business surveys, analyses or descriptions of new business
techniques, and perspectives on contemporary business and economic issues. In
addition, we welcome manuscripts by practitioners on business practices as well
as revisions of papers originally prepared for academic conferences.

Manuscripts that offer original theoretical or empirical contribution, but one that is
smaller in scope, may be published as research notes. Manuscripts submitted as
research notes should not ordinarily exceed 5 single-spaced pages, including
references, tables, figures, and appendices.

Normally, The Journal processes manuscripts free of charge in the best interests
of the scientific community. However, an author may be notified before the
process starts, of a processing fee of US $200 for his/her manuscript of up to
5000 words, because of substantial editorial work needed to put the manuscript
into publication (e.g. a good piece of research submitted by an author whose
native language is not English). Then the author may decide to stay in or opt out
of the process.

Submissions are refereed using double-blind review, whereby two referees
remain oblivious to the author during review. Accepted manuscripts are subject to
editorial changes made by the editor. The author is solely responsible for all
statements made in his or her work. Submitted manuscripts are not returned to
the author; however, reviewer comments will be provided.

To permit objective reviews by two referees, the first page of the text should not
reveal the author(s) and/or affiliation(s), but only the manuscript title.

On a separate page, accompanying the article, each author must list:

• Full name
•  Any suffixes describing degrees and/or certifications that each author wishes   
to display
• Job title or position
• Employment affiliation (university or other organization employing the author)
• E-mail address
• Postal mailing address
• Telephone and fax numbers (optional)

The final paper must be emailed to as an e-mail attachment, in
the following acceptable formats:

Microsoft Word – any version (.doc extension) – preferred,
Other formats – Text (.txt) or Rich Text (.rtf).

Note that bolding and italics may be lost when saving as a .txt only file. We highly
suggest, if your paper includes charts, graphs or graphic files, that you save your
paper in .doc format.

Mac users should save files as Word (.doc) files or Rich Text Format (.rtf).
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